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Archived News Releases

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Title Date
Voter IDs Not Required for August 2011 Elections August 5, 2011
Statement Regarding Recall Election Campaign Issues August 4, 2011
Beware of Unofficial Absentee Ballot Applications August 1, 2011
Lessons Learned from Tuesday’s Election about the New Voter ID Law July 15, 2011
G.A.B.’s Voter Photo ID Public Information and Public Education Plan Receives Legislative Approval July 15, 2011
Statement Regarding Dismissal of Recall Lawsuits July 8, 2011
New Voter ID Law Requires Voters to Sign Poll List July 8, 2011
Division of Motor Vehicles works to implement Photo ID requirements July 5, 2011
Court Affirms Board Ruling on Senate District 30 Nomination Papers July 1, 2011
G.A.B. Approves Five of Six Candidates for Recall Elections Scheduled for July 19 June 27, 2011
G.A.B. Receives Challenges, Approves Candidates for Recall Primaries Scheduled for July 19 June 24, 2011
G.A.B. Approves Candidates for Recall and Special Elections June 17, 2011
New Residency Rules for Recall Elections: Tuesday Is Deadline for July 12 Election June 13, 2011
Recall Status Update: Nine Recall Elections Now Approved June 10, 2011
Recall Status Update: Extension Granted, Elections Proceed June 3, 2011
Recall Status Update June 1, 2011
Statement on Status of Recall Petitions May 27, 2011
G.A.B. Certifies Supreme Court Recount Results May 23, 2011
G.A.B. Dismisses Budget Repair Bill Complaints May 18, 2011
Statewide Supreme Court Recount Update May 6, 2011
Judge Grants Recall Review Period Extension April 29, 2011
State of Wisconsin Conducts Voter Record Maintenance April 29, 2011
Hearing Scheduled on Recall Review Period Extension April 28, 2011
G.A.B. Files Request for Extension in Recall Deadlines April 27, 2011
Advisory: Supreme Court Recount Planning Meeting Monday April 22, 2011