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Archived News Releases

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Title Date
G.A.B. Announces Emergency Rule on Independent Political Ads May 20, 2010
Governor Receives the Names of Two Nominees to Serve on the Government Accountability Board April 12, 2010
G.A.B. Announces Excessive Contribution Actions March 25, 2010
G.A.B. Releases Lobbying Report for 2009 February 22, 2010
Statement on Campaign Finance Information System February 1, 2010
Campaign Finance Deadline Approaches January 28, 2010
G.A.B. Statement Regarding Citizens United vs. FEC January 20, 2010
State receives $3.9 million in federal election funds January 14, 2010
G.A.B. Announces Ballot Access Decisions January 14, 2010
G.A.B. Announces New Officers January 14, 2010
G.A.B. Approves New Voting Equipment December 17, 2009
Update: G.A.B. Changes December Meeting Date and Location December 8, 2009
Five-Year Election Plan Approved by Joint Committee on Finance October 14, 2009
Government Accountability Board Tests New Voting Equipment September 22, 2009
G.A.B. Announces 2009-2011 Furlough Days August 18, 2009
First Quarter Lobbying Review August 13, 2009
Voters Respond Heavily to G.A.B. Letter August 4, 2009
Government Accountability Board asks voters for help correcting voter information errors July 30, 2009
Board Votes to Waive Per Diem for Future Meeting July 2, 2009
Enforcement Status Report: Board Concludes Campaign Finance Investigation June 29, 2009
Accountability Board’s Five-Year, $17.3 Million Election Administration Plan Sent to Legislature June 26, 2009
Report to Accountability Board: Poll Shows Wisconsin’s Voters More Satisfied Than Neighbor States’ May 4, 2009
State to Begin Retroactive Voter Record Checks April 30, 2009
Governor Receives the Names of Two Nominees to Serve on the Government Accountability Board April 9, 2009
Wisconsin Spring Election Features Important State Races April 2, 2009