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Latest News from the Wisconsin Elections Commission

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For more information about Wisconsin Elections Commission news, please contact Reid Magney, public information officer, at 608-267-7887, or

Title Date
Media Advisory: Covering the Electoral College Vote December 16, 2016
Wisconsin Recount Completed Ahead of Schedule with Relatively Small Changes to Final Totals December 12, 2016
Wisconsin Recount More Than 70 percent Complete, Relatively Few Totals Changed December 7, 2016
Wisconsin Recount Proceeding on Schedule without Major Problems December 5, 2016
Wisconsin Elections Commission Receives $3.5 million Payment from Stein Campaign for Presidential Election Recount November 29, 2016
Wisconsin Elections Commission Approves Timeline for Presidential Election Recount November 28, 2016
Wisconsin Elections Commission Releases Presidential Election Recount Cost Estimate of $3.5 million November 28, 2016
Wisconsin Elections Commission Receives Two Presidential Election Recount Petitions November 25, 2016
Post-Election Update II: Potential Recount, Voting Equipment Audits, Provisional Balots, Absentee Ballots November 22, 2016
Post-Election Update November 9, 2016
Election Day Updates November 8, 2016
Wisconsinites Shatter Absentee Voting Records November 7, 2016
Media Advisory: Covering the November 2016 General Election November 4, 2016
Voter Turnout Estimated at 3.1 million November 3, 2016
News Advisory: Letter to Election Observer Organizations November 3, 2016
Time Running out for Voters to Return Absentee Ballots November 1, 2016
Voters Still Have Time to Get ID for Election Day October 31, 2016
Top 10 Things Voters Should Know for Election Day October 28, 2016
Wisconsin Mails 1.28M Postcards to Unregistered Adults September 26, 2016
What Voters Should Know about Registration and Absentee Ballot Mailings September 19, 2016

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