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Lobbying Training

The Government Accountability Board offers training to lobbyists and organizations that employ a lobbyist through a variety of methods such as written materials like manuals, guidelines, and opinions. The Board also conducts periodic in-person training sessions and presentations. The G.A.B. now provides lobbying training through online webinars. See below for more information on this new training opportunity.
View a slideshow presentation on an overview of lobbying in Wisconsin and an advanced seminar presentation on lobbying.
Leading into the 2015-2016 Wisconsin legislative session, the Government Accountability Board will also begin offering lobbying training through webinars: live training seminars presented online that will allow participants to call in to an online presentation and type questions to the presenters. We will record the webinars and post them here to allow you to view the presentations at your convenience. 
Click here to learn more about lobbying webinars, including the schedule of topics covered in upcoming webinars and to view video and materials for completed webinars.  
The G.A.B. will periodically scheduling in-person training in our office in Madison. Please check this page for updated training opportunities.   
These documents provide instructions on how to complete common tasks on the site (e.g., create an account, reset my password, registration and lobbyist authorization for organizations, lobbyist licensing, and completing reports). 
Individual Consultations 
You can find answers to most common questions related to lobbying in Wisconsin on our website in manuals, presentations guidelines, and opinions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, G.A.B. staff members may be able to assist you. If a lobbyist or lobbying organization would like to discuss lobbying registration/licensing/authorization, reporting requirements, or prohibited practices, they should send an email to, or call (608) 266-8005 and ask to speak with a lobbying specialist. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.