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Form Number Form Name Link
EL-123s Provisional Certificate Envelope (Spanish)
EL-131 Voter Registration Application (Spanish)
GAB-104cS Challenge Documentation - Spanish
GAB-111S Notice of Election Fraud - Spanish
GAB-112mS Effect of Crossover Voting at a Partisan Primary-Op Scan Ballots-Spanish
GAB-112pS Effect of Crossover Voting at a Partisan Primary - Paper Ballots (Spanish)
GAB-113S Notice of Overvote (Spanish)
GAB-114S Notice of Crossover Vote (Spanish)
GAB-115S Voter Qualification Poster (Spanish)
GAB-116S Instructions for First-Time Voters (Spanish)
GAB-117S General Information on Voting Rights (Spanish)
GAB-118S Contact Information (Spanish)
GAB-121S Absentee Ballot Request-Spanish
GAB-122S Standard Absentee Certificate-Spanish
GAB-139S Authorization to Cancel Registration (Spanish)
GAB-140S Application for Absentee Presidential Ballot (Spanish)
GAB-141S Application for Presidential Ballot (Spanish)
GAB-146S Application for Confidential Voter ( Spanish)
GAB-147S Affidavit for Confidential Voter Listing - Spanish
GAB-148S Identification for Protected Individual (Spanish)
GAB-149S Notice of Cancellation of Registration and Confidential Listing (Spanish)
EL-123is Provisional Voting Information Sheet (Spanish)