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Frequently Asked Questions - Candidates

The presence of a candidate at the polling place gives the appearance of electioneering.  A candidate should not be at the polling place on election day for any reason other than an official purpose.  When the candidate comes to the polling place to vote on election day, the candidate must leave the polling place as soon as they have finished voting.

Yes.  Even though a candidate qualifies to be exempt from filing campaign finance reports, they still must comply with Ch. 11, Wis. Stats.  That means they keep campaign finance activity records and must use the disclaimer “Paid for by” on their signs and literature. 

S. 11.30, Wis. Stats.  3/24/2003

Once a candidate qualifies for ballot status, her name appears on the ballot.  The candidate cannot withdraw and have her name removed.  Only in case of death of the candidate can the name be removed from the ballot.  S. 8.35, Wis. Stats. 

The candidate can make a statement to notice the electors that she no longer wishes to seek the office by election, but her name will appear on the ballot.  Should the candidate win the election, she may decline to hold the office.  This creates a vacancy that is filed following the provisions of Ch. 17.  3/12/2003