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Frequently Asked Questions - Election Day Issues

Anyone can remain at the polling place for purposes of observing the election.  They may not, however, interfere with the orderly conduct of the election.  A candidate must leave the polling place after voting to avoid the appearance of electioneering.

Election inspectors are not required to patrol outside of the polling place to make sure there is no electioneering within 100 feet of any entrance to the polling place. However, the inspectors need to address any electioneering issues brought to their attention.  3/24/2003

The chief inspector is in charge of keeping order at the polling place.  If a person is interfering with the orderly conduct of the election, the chief inspector may ask that person to leave the polling place.  If the person refuses, the inspectors may seek assistance from the municipal clerk.  If the municipal clerk cannot be contacted, or if the person refuses an order by the municipal clerk, law enforcement may be called.  3/24/2003