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Elections & Voting Statistics Archive

This page contains non-current statistics on Wisconsin voter turnout and the number of registered voters.

Please click on the attachments to view or download the documents.

Statistics on voter registration and turnout prior to the 2008 presidential election are not available.  It was not until recent years that Wisconsin had a statewide voter list.  Previously, voter lists were maintained by cities, villages and towns.

Partisan Voter Turnout from 1948 to 2008.pdf60.96 KB
Wisconsin voter registration and absentee voting statistics.fall general election.1984-2008.pdf18.54 KB
Registered Voters By Municipality within Counties 10-20-2010.pdf191.42 KB
Registered Voters By County August 2010.pdf8.76 KB
Registered Voters By County August 2010.xls24 KB
Registered Voters By Age Group August 2010.pdf44.3 KB
Registered Voters By Age Group August 2010.xls17 KB
Registered Voters by County July 2009.pdf21.02 KB
Registered Voters by Age Group July 2009.pdf16.3 KB
Registered_Voters_AgeGroup_County.pdf67.28 KB
Registered_Voters_AgeGroup_County.xls55 KB