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November 2010 General Election Recounts

This page contains information about recounts ordered by the G.A.B. for the November 2, 2010, General Election. 

The Board received official recount requests in Assembly Districts 68 and 93, and Senate District 31.

Counties have completed their recounts and have reported no change in the official results.  Counties will file reports and recount totals the week of November 22.

For information on the recount process, please consult the Recount Manual.

Please see the attachments below for information about the recounts.  UNOFFICIAL Vote totals for each district are also attached below in Canvass Detail spreadsheets.

Letter-County Clerks Recount 68th AD 11 2010.pdf49.05 KB
Notice of Recount 68th AD and Petition 11 2010.pdf166.41 KB
Recount Order 68th AD 11 2010.pdf35.47 KB
Assembly District 68 - Canvass Detail.xls20 KB
Letter-County Clerks Recount 93rd AD 11 2010.pdf50.02 KB
Notice of Recount 93rd AD And Petition 11 2010.pdf217.26 KB
Recount Order 93rd AD 11 2010.pdf32.36 KB
Assembly District 93 - Canvass Detail.xls20.5 KB
Letter-County Clerks Recount 31st SD 11 2010.pdf51.96 KB
Notice of Recount 31st SD and Petition 11 2010.pdf264.71 KB
Recount Order 31st SD 11 2010.pdf33.99 KB
State Senate District 31 - Canvass Detail.xls43 KB