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2016 Presidential Recount County Meeting Notices

The Wisconsin Elections Commission will be posting open meeting notices here from County Boards of Canvassers of when and where they will be conducting the presidential recount.

See attachments.

Adams County Notice.pdf8.36 KB
Adams County.pdf8.36 KB
Ashland County Notice.pdf115.85 KB
Barron County Notice.pdf9.42 KB
Bayfield County Notice.pdf10.74 KB
Brown County Notice.pdf10.42 KB
Buffalo County Notice.pdf19.82 KB
Burnett County Notice.pdf118.8 KB
Calumet County Notice.pdf1.71 MB
Chippewa County Notice.pdf95.13 KB
Clark County Notice.pdf6.87 KB
Columbia County Notice.pdf159.88 KB
Crawford County Notice.pdf7.65 KB
Dane County Notice.pdf81.67 KB
Dodge County Notice.pdf13.42 KB
Door County Notice.pdf185.7 KB
Douglas County Notice.pdf12.05 KB
Douglas County 2nd Recount Notice.pdf14.21 KB
Dunn County Notice.pdf88.35 KB
Dunn County 2nd Recount Notice.pdf90.26 KB
Eau Claire County Notice.pdf9.71 KB
Florence County Notice.pdf13.18 KB
Fond du Lac County Notice.pdf8.63 KB
Forest County Notice.pdf77.77 KB
Forest Count 2nd Recount Notice.pdf79.46 KB
Grant County Notice.pdf80 KB
Green County Notice.pdf8.84 KB
Green Lake County Notice.pdf59.98 KB
Iowa County Notice.pdf9.13 KB
Iron County Notice.pdf17.19 KB
Jackson County Notice.pdf28.36 KB
Jefferson County Notice.pdf65.2 KB
Juneau County Notice.pdf36.48 KB
Kenosha County Notice.pdf54.48 KB
Kewaunee County Notice.pdf61.1 KB
La Crosse County Public Notice.pdf49.28 KB
Lafayette County Notice.pdf58.91 KB
Langlade County Notice.pdf48.65 KB
Lincoln County Notice.pdf81.09 KB
Lincoln County- 2nd Notice.pdf81.5 KB
Manitowoc County Notice.pdf179.38 KB
Marathon County Notice.pdf236.96 KB
Marinette County Notice.pdf20 KB
Marquette County Notice.pdf177.05 KB
Menominee County Notice.pdf242.48 KB
Menominee County 2nd Recount Notice.pdf90.17 KB
Milwaukee County Notice.pdf61.46 KB
Monroe County Notice.pdf43.93 KB
Oconto County Notice.pdf8.4 KB
Oneida County Notice.pdf77.76 KB
Outagamie County Notice.pdf1.67 MB
Outagamie County 2nd Recount Notice.pdf35.76 KB
Ozaukee County Notice.pdf21.03 KB
Pepin County Notice.pdf10.99 KB
Pierce County Notice.pdf20.5 KB
Pierce County 2nd Recount Notice.pdf20.8 KB
Polk County Notice.pdf73.76 KB
Portage County Notice.pdf20.52 KB
Portage County 2nd Recount Notice.pdf20.12 KB
Price County Notice.pdf21.08 KB
Racine County Notice.pdf18.47 KB
Richland County Notice.pdf7.06 KB
Rock County Notice.pdf147.74 KB
Rusk County Notice.pdf454.75 KB
Sauk County Notice.pdf36.05 KB
Sawyer County Notice.pdf6.61 KB
Shawano County Notice.pdf80.91 KB
Sheboygan County Notice.pdf76.27 KB
St Croix County Notice.pdf1.87 MB
Taylor County Notice.pdf68.65 KB
Taylor County 2nd Recount Notice.pdf68.89 KB
Trempealeau County Notice.pdf6.1 KB
Vernon County Notice.pdf6.25 KB
Vilas County Notice.pdf435.95 KB
Vilas County 2nd Recount Notice.pdf437.64 KB
Walworth County Notice.pdf48.31 KB
Washburn County Notice.pdf7.44 KB
Washington County.pdf63.61 KB
Waukesha County Notice.pdf36.25 KB
Waupaca County Notice.pdf6.62 KB
Waushara County Notice.pdf7.21 KB
Waushara County 2nd Recount Notice.pdf7.32 KB
Waushara County 3rd Recount Notice.pdf19.85 KB
Waushara County 4th Recount Notice.pdf35.28 KB
Waushara County 5th Recount Notice.pdf34.85 KB
Waushara County 6th Recount Notice.pdf7 KB
Winnebago County Notice.pdf73.85 KB
Wood County Notice.pdf6.14 KB