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Spring 2018 Election

Spring Primary: February 20, 2018
Spring Election: April 3, 2018

Offices to be Elected

State offices to be elected are Supreme Court Justice, Court of Appeals Judge, Districts I and IV, and Circuit Court Judge.  See Offices to be Elected attachment below for a list of offices and current officeholders.


The Elections Commission has certified lists of candidates for the Spring Primary and the Spring Election. See the Candidates on Primary Ballot and the Candidates on Ballot for Election-PrePrimary attachments below.

Candidates on Primary Ballot.pdf8.47 KB
Candidates on Ballot for Election-PrePrimary.pdf29.34 KB
OFFICES TO BE ELECTED AT 2018 SPRING ELECTION- (as of 12.8.17).pdf18.14 KB
Candidates Tracking By Office (1.5.18 Final-post SEI deadline and Winnebago 1 extension).pdf38.7 KB
Nomination Paper Tracking (as of 5pm deadline 1.2.18).pdf32.9 KB
Supplemental Nomination Papers (1.3.18).xlsx20.57 KB
Notification of Noncandidacy List-Spring 2018 (as of 12.22.17 5pm FINAL).pdf16.25 KB
Type A Notice_spring 2018 amended Winnebago.pdf34.16 KB
Constitutional Amendment 2017 Joint Resolution 7.pdf67.51 KB