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Contract Sunshine

Contract Sunshine is Wisconsin state government's online database of procurement activity.

Visit the Contract Sunshine web site:


Contract Sunshine was created by the Wisconsin Legislature in 2006.

In enacting the Contract Sunshine Act, the Legislature’s intention was to enhance citizens’ confidence in the State’s procurement process by providing a one-stop Internet location where citizens, the press, vendors, and others can learn about current procurement activities.  The Legislature intended that the Act provide potential vendors of goods and services with ready access to information about the State’s purchases and confirm that the State’s procurement programs are operating fairly and efficiently.

The Act directs every state office and agency in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government to post on the Internet a list identifying each solicitation for bids or proposals and each proposed order or contract of the agency for which bids or proposals will not be solicited that involves an expenditure of $10,000 or more, or if a contract or order is for continuing purchases, an expenditure of $10,000 or more in the current fiscal biennium.

In 2007, the former State Ethics Board consulted extensively with State agency purchasing officials in developing the Contract Sunshine system.  In January 2008, the Contract Sunshine web site was launched.  The site has been available for reporting, and several State agencies, including the Department of Transportation, are currently posting their contract information to the site.

The future of Contract Sunshine

Many agencies have asked the Government Accountability Board to provide them with the ability to export their purchasing information in bulk to the Contract Sunshine system.  When it created the program, the Legislature did not provide the resources necessary to develop such a system.  In January of this year, our new Contract Sunshine administrator met with the State Agencies Purchasing Council to update them on the system’s status and gather feedback on the system’s functionality.  Our staff is exploring means to upgrade the system in the coming biennium.  We pledge to work in close consultation with the State Agencies Purchasing Council and agency representatives to develop an improved system that meets agencies’ needs.


For more information about Contract Sunshine, please contact Tony Bridges at (608) 266-8005 or