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Local Candidates - County Partisan Offices

For County Clerk, County Treasurer, Sheriff, Coroner, Clerk of Circuit Court, Register of Deeds and Surveyor:

GABIS-16 Ballot Access Checklist for Partisan County Candidates [Revised for Fall 2016]

Campaign Finance

Local candidates should visit the Local Campaign Finance page for information about registration and reporting. Use the GABIS-17 Campaign Finance Checklist [revised for 2016].

IRS Requirements

Candidate committees may be required to file with the IRS. Click here for guidance.

Registered Write-In Candidates

To register as a write-in candidate, a Campaign Registration Statement (ETHCF-1) must be filed with the filing officer prior to collecting or spending any money on the campaign.

The deadline to register as a write-in candidate is 12:00 p.m. (noon) the Friday before the election.