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WisconsinEye Interview with Kevin Kennedy

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Kevin Kennedy, director and general counsel of the G.A.B., was interviewed Wednesday, February 1, 2012 by WisconsinEye regarding the public release of recall petition copies.

Petition update

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Governor Walker's recall petitions will not be posted online today.  The G.A.B. staff is evaluating the privacy concerns of individuals who have contacted us about posting the petitions online.

What's happening now?

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As you can see on the webcam, the focus has shifted away from scanning petitions.

Staff is still working to verify the petitions scanned so far in order to provide accurate copies to the committees of Gov. Walker and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch.

Staff is also working on determining the sufficiency of the State Senate recall petitions.  For an explanation of exactly what they're doing, please read the manual they're using.

New webcam angle

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This afternoon we moved the webcam from its perch above the scanning area to a new home.

The new camera angle now shows our workers who are verifying individual petition pages.  They are currently working on the Senate recall petitions.

More information on the details of that verification process will be posted soon.

Training this morning

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G.A.B. staff at the recall center are working in another part of the room, off-camera, this morning for training.

Weekend schedule

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There will be a day shift working on Saturday.  No work Sunday.  Two shifts again Monday, and until scanning is complete.

G.A.B. seeks extension to process recall petitions

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The Board has asked for 60 days to process recall petitions, instead of the statutory 31 days.

Read the news release here.  Note, the motion contains a typo.  We are not asking for more than a total of 60 days at this point.

Webcam viewership update

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Recall Petition Scanning Update

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All recall petitions for state senators have been scanned. Approximate totals for each incumbent are:

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