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Recount Update: 17th SD

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The unofficial recount spreadsheet for the 17th SD has been updated to include recount results from the City of Monroe in Green County and to correct a data entry error for the Grant County Village of Bagley.

The G.A.B. is still waiting for all recount results from Juneau County and partial recount results from Richland County.  According to news reports, Juneau County expected to complete its recount Thursday morning.

Recount Update: 17th SD in progress, Grant County complete

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Grant County has completed its recount in the 17th State Senate District. 

We have no updates on the situation in Green County.

See the latest numbers here:

2014 Partisan Primary Canvass and Recount -- 17th Senate District


Recount Update: 17th SD in progress

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The recount in State Senate District 17 began on Monday, and is still in progress.

These counties are done: Iowa, Lafayette, Monroe, Sauk and Vernon.

These counties are in progress: Grant, Green, Juneau and Richland.

Recount Update: 87th AD complete, Edming wins

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Results are complete and certified in Assembly District 87.  The Government Accountability Board has verified the results showing that James Edming won the election with 1,452 votes.  The Board will certify the results in five business days if there is no court appeal.

Edming received the most votes in the four-way Republican primary contest.  The recount showed that Michael Bub received 1,433 votes, Shirl Labarre received 1,339 votes and Scott Noble received 960 votes.

Recount Update -- AD87 - Latest numbers

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This spreadsheet contains the latest numbers from the recount in Assembly District 87.  They will be updated with results from Sawyer County later today.

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Recount Update -- AD87

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In the 87th Assembly District Recount, Clark, Marathon and Rusk Counties have finished their recount and provided the G.A.B. with updated numbers.  Marathon and Rusk have also entered that information into the Canvass Reporting System, while Clark indicated that they will do so on Monday morning.

Sawyer County has not finished and the county clerk indicated that they should finish on Monday. They will not be working over the weekend.

We have not received any reports from Taylor County.

Recount requested in 17th State Senate District

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Candidate Pat Bomhack has requested a recount in the 17th State Senate District.

The G.A.B. will issue the order for a recount on Saturday to begin at 9 a.m. Monday morning.

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Recount Update: 87th AD in progress, no recount in 6th CD, no request yet in 17th SD

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The recount in the 87th Assembly District got underway this morning in Clark, Marathon, Rusk, Sawyer and Taylor counties.  Marathon County reports completion of its recount.  Updated numbers from this recount will be posted on Monday.  No problems have been reported.

Today at 5 p.m. is the deadline for a recount request in the 17th State Senate District.  As of 2:50 p.m., the G.A.B. has not yet received a request from Pat Bomhack.

Changing the method used to recount ballots once the recount has begun

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QUESTION:  Can a recount canvass board decide to change the method used to recount ballots once the recount has begun?

Recount Update

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This morning, the G.A.B. staff held a recount procedures webinar for clerks, candidates and media in the 6th Congressional District.  If anyone missed it, we have posted the video of the webinar here.

A similar webinar focused on the 87th Assembly District and the 17th State Senate District is scheduled for 2 p.m. today.  Click here to register.

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