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Cell phones in Recount Room

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BACKGROUND:  Your instructions include a list of prohibited items from entering the Recount Room.

  What is your position on the presence and use of cell phones?

ANSWER:  Cell phones should be in vibrate mode. The public, candidate representatives and assistants can leave the area to take a call.

Photographing ballots

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BACKGROUND:  We know that the candidates’ representative will photograph objected to ballots.

QUESTION:  Is the press also allowed to film close ups of these ballots?

ANSWER:  The press may do a close up of a ballot during the limited period of roaming.  It is not anticipated that the press will be close enough to see and film what the candidate representatives are examining before the Board of Canvassers.

Media access to recount area

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BACKGROUND: We expect a significant amount of press coverage at the Recount.  The intention is to confine the press cameras to a specific area to limit distraction. 

QUESTION:  Do you see a problem with allowing the press a specific time to “rove” the room to collect stock footage?

ANSWER:  We see no problem allowing the press to roam in the recount area for a limited period of time to collect stock footage as long as it is not disruptive.

Certificate envelope issues

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BACKGROUND:  During the conference yesterday, there was an absentee ballot certificate question where the clerk accepted the absentee ballot certificate as sufficient even though it was not signed by a witness.  If during the recount, an insufficient absentee ballot certificate is encountered, where the ballot was not rejected at the polling place, the Board of Canvassers would randomly remove one absentee ballot from the pool of voted absentee ballots. (Page 9 of instructions)

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