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Process for Ballots Set Aside

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QUESTION:  For optical scan ballots that are will be tabulated by electronic voting equipment (Optech Eagle excluded) what are the processes for ballots that are set aside?

Delays in Chippewa and Menominee counties

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Chippewa County Clerk Sandi Frion reports: "We have officially got our new memory cards and are prepared to start the recount tomorrow morning."

Menominee County Clerk Ruth Waupoose reports:  "I was unable to begin the canvass today because I had to go over to the School District and get the election material.  We will begin the canvass 9:00 a.m. April 28, 2011."


Military Voters

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QUESTION:  Were military voters provided an extension for the Spring Election?
ANSWER: No, State law only provides an extension for military voters during the Partisan Primary and General Election, so there was no extension for the receipt of ballots cast by military voters in the Spring Election.  Also, because there was no federal office on the ballot, the provisions of the Military Overseas Voter Empowerment Act do not apply.

Welcome to the Recount News Blog

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G.A.B. staff will be posting updates here as needed with news about the statewide recount for Supreme Court Justice. 

Please check back throughout the day for the lastest on what's happening.

What to Do if Test Ballots Were Shredded

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QUESTION:    The test ballots that were used for the spring election public test were shredded, what do we need to do?

ANSWER:    You will need to contact your ballot printer immediately and have additional ballots printed to be used for the testing of electronic voting equipment.  All electronic voting systems are required to be tested for each reporting unit to be tabulated by that system.

Using Ballot Bins

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QUESTION:    Are ballot bins used with electronic voting equipment required to be utilized during the recount proceedings?

Recounting DRE (Touchscreen) Ballots

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QUESTION:   Are all ballots recorded on the DRE required to separate individual voter records by cutting the paper record?

Correct email address for Attorney Jim Troupis

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QUESTION:  What is the correct email address for Attorney Jim Troupis?

ANSWER:  Recount Update #8 sent to county clerks on April 26, 2011 contained an error for the email address of Attorney Jim Troupis, one of the attorneys representing the Prosser campaign.  The correct email address for is  We apologize for the error.

Cell phones in Recount Room

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BACKGROUND:  Your instructions include a list of prohibited items from entering the Recount Room.

  What is your position on the presence and use of cell phones?

ANSWER:  Cell phones should be in vibrate mode. The public, candidate representatives and assistants can leave the area to take a call.

Photographing ballots

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BACKGROUND:  We know that the candidates’ representative will photograph objected to ballots.

QUESTION:  Is the press also allowed to film close ups of these ballots?

ANSWER:  The press may do a close up of a ballot during the limited period of roaming.  It is not anticipated that the press will be close enough to see and film what the candidate representatives are examining before the Board of Canvassers.

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