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Judge Timothy L. Vocke

Judge Timothy L. Vocke is a resident of Rhinelander, Wisconsin. He graduated from the University of Kansas in 1970 and the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1973. He served the State as an Assistant District Attorney for Racine County from 1973 to 1976  before being appointed Vilas County District Attorney in 1976 by Governor Patrick J Lucey. He later won for election to that office as a Democrat, but did not seek reelection because he ran for and was elected as a nonpartisan Vilas County Circuit Court Judge in 1978, serving from 1979 until 1983 (when he resigned to go into private practice as a trial attorney). Since then he has served as a Reserve Judge and a Medical Malpractice Mediator and Referee for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Judge Vocke retired from the practice of Law in 2009.

Judge Vocke was nominated by the Government Accountability Candidate Committee and appointed by Governor Scott Walker in May 2011 to a term expiring May 1, 2017, and served on the Board from June to December of 2011, when he resigned to run for Oneida County Circuit Court Judge. In March 2012, Judge Vocke was re-nominated by the Government Accountability Candidate Committee and Governor Walker reappointed Judge Vocke to the vacant seat, effective April 2, 2012. His appointment to the Board has not yet been confirmed by the State Senate.  He was the chairperson of the Board for 2013 and secretary in 2014.