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G.A.B. Candidate Committee Meeting

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04/02/2013 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm
G.A.B. Office, 212 E. Washington Ave., Third Floor, Madison WI 53703

Teleconference meeting of the Government Accountability Board Candidate Committee to review applications to serve on the G.A.B. and make recommendations to Governor Walker.

The Candidate Committee is comprised of:

  • Judge Ralph Adam Fine of District I in Milwaukee
  • Judge Paul F. Reilly of District II in Waukesha
  • Deputy Chief and Presiding Judge Michael W. Hoover of District III in Wausau
  • Presiding Judge Paul Lundsten of District IV in Madison

The candidates are:

  • The Honorable Gary L. Carlson of Medford
  • The Honorable Dennis J. Flynn of Racine
  • The Honorable William A. Jennaro of Milwaukee
  • The Honorable Elsa C. Lamelas of Shorewood
  • The Honorable Earl W. Schmidt of Birnamwood
  • The Honorable James E. Welker of Janesville
  • The Honorable Harold V. Froehlich of Appleton



A.     Call to order

B.    Determination of Quorum

C.    Approve Agenda

D.    Review Candidate Qualifications

F.    Selection of Nominees

G.    Other Business

H.    Committee Directives

I.    Adjournment